Innovative Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Net-zero energy, zero water, and zero carbon technology break boundaries to produce excellence in every aspect of the building process.


Fast Green Robotic Manufacturing and Multi-level System Control

High-tech design engineering, quality-controlled factory construction, and highspeed onsite assembly deliver high-performance, sustainable buildings.


Groundbreaking Net-zero Engineering Network

Innovative engineering integrates the ventilation, plumbing, and electrical ecosystems inside the floor panels and saves construction time. Net-zero energy, zero-water, and zero-carbon ecosystems produce renewable energy and harvest water to guarantee independent renewable living.


Reimagined Bathroom Technology

The energy-efficient technology and energy-saving water ecosystems are factory installed and support energy and water independence. Water resistant materials like steel, aluminum, and marble are sustainable and reduce the risk of ecological scarcity.


Multifunctional System Integration Point

The door incorporates structural ingenuity, ventilation, electrical communications, and smart home automation in one place. The advanced automation system monitors, integrates, and controls the HVAC, lighting, energy-efficiency, water consumption, and other engineering ecosystems.  The magnetic door casing is a wireless magnetic charger and is removable to provide access to the engineering systems. 

Smart Home Unit

Energy Saving Intelligent Automation Control Center

The easy to use smart home unit integrates the electrical and automation systems for the entire home to save energy. The renewable energy power source connects directly to the console. The energy-efficient house lighting uses safe, low-voltage cables connected to transformers located inside the smart home unit. Replacement of the transformers is fast and convenient.

AK Airplex

Eco-friendly Heating and Cooling Unit

The AK Airplex technology revolutionizes how air is treated and circulated throughout buildings.

The multifunctional unit is recessed inside the floor unit for easy access to the necessary electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems.

The multifunctional unit has a water condensation system, heating and cooling coils, tangential blowers, LED lights, and an audio system. Every room is replenished with a fresh, humidified, disinfected, and temperature-controlled air supply.

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