About Us

Akchurin, Inc is an American multinational technology company focused on high-tech building systems, software, and high-speed construction solutions for the real estate industry worldwide.


01. Dealership Contract Terms

— Minimum 100 houses (AK 500 / 50,000 sq.m.)
— Development of 50 houses per plot
— Upfront payment required

02. Dealer Qualifications

— Vehicle Dealers
— Real Estate Developers
— City with a population over 3 million

03. Key Responsibilities

— Akchurin: Build Houses – Deliver – Assemble – Set Up
— Dealership: Build Sales – Technical Service – Warranties

Key Responsibilities

We Build, Deliver, Assemble, Set-Up, and Provide Warranty Support for Akchurin Houses. Our Dealers Are Responsible Only for Selling and Servicing the Best-ever Buildings.


Step 01

Order Online/Dealer

Step 02


Step 03

Green delivery

Step 04

Final Assembly


Build Sales

Technical Service


Happy Customers

Dealer Price List

Key Features

Up to 5 bedrooms

All rooms ensuite

Up to 6 bathrooms

Water conservation ecosystem

Net zero energy

Independence from the grid with renewable energy

Smart home

Energy-saving intelligent automation system

Time savings

Turn-key house in 6-12 months

Healthy light

Energy-efficient LED circadian light technology 

Renewable energy storage

Built-in battery for seven months of autonomous use in the absence of electricity

Clean air

Energy-saving technology to purify, disinfect, humidify, cool, and heat air

Net zero water

Independence from a centralized water supply

Sustainable production

Robotic factory-built quality with multi-level system control

Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Recyclable and renewable eco-building materials

Easy maintenance

100% access to all engineering systems without demolishing

From $8,075 per sq. m. / $750 per sq. ft

Cost including house production, delivery, assembly, and set up

250 to 645 sq. m. / 2690 to 6940 sq. ft.

House plan

Global Market

The global market for energy and water-independent building technologies is growing, and leading companies are investing in the green economy, green growth, and low carbon development.

Potential Global Sales

Our global distribution plan covers four continents in just a few years.


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