Sustainable Building Materials and Technology

Climate-resilient green buildings significantly reduce environmental risk and ecological scarcity.

Panoramic design

Natural light and sweeping views balance health and well-being.

High glass walls on four sides offer a tremendous feeling of freedom. Panoramic 180° Design gives a wide angle view.

Lifetime Exterior

Ecological curtain wall glazing is efficient and durable.

Invisible Solar Roof Design

Clean energy is collected using solar shingles and stored in built-in lithium-ion batteries for reliable and stable renewable energy.

Traditional House

Old roof designs and add-on solar panels are visible, require installation, and have limited storage. 

Akchurin House

The invisible solar roof design has solar shingles with hidden solar panels integrated in the roof that store energy in a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Built-in Rainwater Harvesting System

Water independence means no water bills. The green roof technology collects, stores, and biologically self purifies rainwater.

Traditional House

Visible and conventional rainwater harvesting cisterns and tanks are poorly designed and take up valuable space.

Akchurin House

Built-in rainwater harvesting, storage, and purification systems are energy efficient and provide independence from a centralized water supply.

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