Sustainable Factory-built

Net Zero Energy Buildings


Several years ago, I decided to build my family’s forever home, an extraordinarily comfortable, self-sufficient, safe, and eco-friendly home with modern, high-tech luxury. With over twenty years of worldwide experience in architecture and construction, I knew it would be no small feat to find environmentally responsible options. We urgently need solutions to curb the negative impact building has on the environment. According to the Pentagon, climate change is a national security issue, and rising ocean water is already flooding the intercoastal regions of Southern Florida. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly building solutions are fragmented, and traditional building methods have not advanced with modern technology.   


We transform construction by creating processes and technology to synchronize and optimize building architecture and engineering systems. Akchurin buildings are the design, construction, and assembly of sustainable factory-built net-zero energy buildings with technology ecosystems for healthy and environmentally friendly living. Net-zero energy, zero water, and zero carbon buildings produce renewable energy and harvest water using technology to guarantee autonomous renewable living. Our patented, fast green construction technology saves time, and the ecosystems reduce water and energy consumption by up to sixty-five percent. 


Producing fifty percent more renewable energy per year than they consume, Akchurin buildings require no connection to the grid.  Lithium-ion batteries are built-in and guarantee use for seven months.  Our zero water building with unique air conditioning and condensate collection systems generate water using geothermal energy.  Innovative air purification and bottom-up air exchange technology ensure high quality, clean air, and safety in the event of future pandemics. 


Our strategic task ahead is to meet the growing needs of families in the twenty-first century. The global population is expected to increase by two billion in the next thirty years. High-tech sustainable factory-built housing will meet the needs of the growing global population and curb the negative impact building has on the environment. The consequences of inaction may be irreversible, and the time for humanity to unite is now.

Architect, Product-Engineer, Inventor, Author,

Chingiz Akchurin

Our Solution

Our Green Construction Technology 'Sustainable Net-Zero Buildings' aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the US Federal Sustainability Plan. Net-Zero Emissions Buildings by 2045, including a 50% reduction by 2032. We are well-positioned to help customers around the world achieve their sustainable goals with our unique green construction technology.

Solution to the Global
Energy Problem


EXPENSIVE ELECTRICITY: One in five people worldwide does not have access to electricity. About 3 billion people depend on traditional biomass, such as wood or plant materials, for energy, cooking, and heating. United Nations Goal 7 (UN).


AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY: Akchurin net-zero energy homes do not require a connection to traditional energy sources. They use energy from renewable sources and produce 50% more energy per year than they consume—homes without electricity bills.


INEFFICIENT ENERGY STORAGE is a crucial issue for the entire global energy sector. Modern technologies can provide sufficient generation levels, but a lack of cost-effective storage technologies remains, limiting opportunities for the industry’s transformation. World Energy Council (WEC).


RELIABLE ENERGY STORAGE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY: Lithium-ion batteries built-in the Akchurin floor units guarantee seven months of autonomous use in the absence of electricity.


GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS: Energy use is the dominant driver of climate change, accounting for about 60% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, CO2 emissions increased to 9.95 Gt per year, with 38% of emissions coming from the construction industry’s energy sector. United Nations Goal 13 (UN).


FAST GREEN CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY: 97% of the building materials used in Akchurin structures are recyclable. Fast and clean house assembly takes from one to three months and reduces construction debris, which significantly reduces the environmental impact and CO2 emissions.


AIR POLLUTION from the use of combustible fuels for cooking and heating has claimed 4.3 million lives. More than half of the world’s urban population breathes air 2.5 times higher than safety standards. World Health Organization (WHO).


CLEAN AIR: Innovative air purification and bottom-up air exchange technology ensure high quality, clean air with minimal energy costs, ensuring Akchurin homes remain safe in the event of future pandemics.


ENERGY CONSUMPTION FOR WATER SUPPLY: The amount of energy consumed by water systems worldwide is more than 26 quadrillion kWh, accounting for 7% of total global consumption. Electricity consumption in this sector is projected to grow 23% in 2022 from 2000 and 63% in 2050. Congressional Research Service (CRS).


ENERGY-SAVING AUTONOMOUS WATER SUPPLY: Akchurin’s innovative air conditioning and condensate collection system generates 100,000 liters of water per year using geothermal energy. Akchurin houses use an energy-efficient system to collect, store, and biologically self-purify rainwater – NO water bills.


ELECTRICITY WASTED FOR HEATING: 64% of energy consumed by households in the EU in 2018 was for heating. (IEA) Roughly 20% of US energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stem from heating, cooling, and powering households. (PNAS)


HEAT ENERGY SAVINGS: Ecosystem engineering and ground source heat pumps reduce energy demands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and water heating by up to 60% compared to traditional energy sources.


AN UNBALANCED INCREASE IN ENERGY CONSUMPTION is due to an increase in the world population (by 2050 will increase to 9.7 billion) and an increase in energy consumption per person due to the rise in living standards. United Nations (UN).


SMART ENERGY CONSUMPTION: An intelligent automation system (Smart Home) based on artificial intelligence (AI) reduces electricity consumption by up to 65%.


Akchurin is on a mission to transform the world’s construction through sustainable technology – to accelerate the transition to net-zero energy buildings.

Sustainable Development

Net-zero energy, zero water, and zero carbon technology break boundaries to ensure sustainable development. Traditional building methods have not advanced with modern technology, and energy-efficient building solutions are limited and highly fragmented.

Fast Green Construction

Compared to traditional building methods, our time-saving green building technology cuts construction time in half.

Net Zero Water

Water independence from a centralized source means no water bills. Water harvesting technology and water-saving management systems produce water, reduce consumption, and save natural resources.

Net Zero Energy

Energy independence from the grid means no electricity bills. Renewable energy production and energy-saving technologies produce electricity, reduce consumption, and save resources.