Build Higher

High-speed High-rise Sustainable Construction

Fast green construction technology saves time, resources, and the environment. 

Our cutting-edge designs, technology, and robotic manufacturing deliver high-speed multilevel construction of net-zero energy buildings. 

Interfloor Unit

Inter-level Engineering Systems Channel

This marvel of craftsmanship and design intricately weaves vital engineering systems together beneath every floor on each level. The ultra-thin lighting is built-in to the unit to save ceiling space, and the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and automation systems are factory-installed and ready to use.

Limited Technology

Outdated technology like underfloor convectors and ceiling fan coils are impractical, irrationally placed, and have limited accessibility.

Ceiling space is lost to engineering systems, ventilation ducts, ceiling fan coils, ceiling diffusers, grilles, and light fixtures that take up about 500 mm of valuable space. Slow construction and quality concerns are consequences of disjointed systems and methods, and onsite construction has limited quality assurance.

Akchurin Technology

The inter-floor unit channels the engineering systems for fresh, disinfected, and humidified air, the water condensation system, the AK Airplex, the smart home automation system, and plumbing. The ultra-thin ceiling is only 50 mm thick since the other systems are located inside the floor unit and not the ceiling. Fast, sustainable factory-built construction integrates the electricity, automation, plumbing, and HVAC engineering inside the floor unit. All systems are ready for use on delivery.

Factory-built Quality

Robotic Manufacturing and Multi-level System Control

Fast Building

Fast robotic manufacturing provides superior quality control, and mass production is key to cost-effectiveness.

Construction time is cut in half compared to standard building methods.  Reducing the amount of concrete saves time, money, and resources.


The energy-efficient, healthy light technology is seamless, without light fixtures.

The circadian photobiology system synchronizes with natural light to deliver unsurpassed comfort for the human body and eyes.

Smart Home Unit

Energy Saving Intelligent Automation Control Center

The easy to use smart unit integrates the electrical and automation systems to save energy. The renewable energy power source connects directly to the console. 

This unit integrates the electrical panel, equipment, and automation system, and all electrical and automation wires and cables simply connect on delivery.

Mechanical Room

Handcrafted Engineering Masterpiece of Conservation and Ingenuity

Imagine a single room incorporating vital mechanisms precisely placed and entirely functional on delivery. Embrace the feeling of a plug and play home.

Interlaced filtration systems, pumps, pipelines, ducts, and cables maximize efficiency and organize an otherwise chaotic construction phase.

The interior mechanical room is temperature-controlled and has sensors and automation technology for convenience and comfort.

High Rise Buildings, Hotels, and Resorts

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