AK Airplex

Eco-friendly Heating and Cooling Unit

The AK Airplex technology revolutionizes how air is treated and circulated throughout buildings. The multifunctional unit is recessed inside the floor unit for easy access to the necessary electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems.

The AK Airplex has a water condensation system, heating and cooling coils, tangential blowers, LED lights, and an audio system. Every room is replenished with a fresh, humidified, disinfected, and temperature-controlled air supply.

Fresh, humidified, and disinfected air from the air handler enters the bottom of the AK Airplex and exits the top through the decorative grill. The waterproof audio system is securely nestled inside the static plenum box.

The room air is pulled into the top of the AK Airplex by silent, high-velocity tangential blowers and moved across the heating and cooling coils before mixing with the fresh air supply. 

Condensation technology collects water inside the AK Airplex. The water condensation collection system captures humidity from the air, which is later filtered and used as drinking water.

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