Reimagined Bathroom Technology

The energy-efficient technology and energy-saving water ecosystems are factory installed and support energy and water independence. Water resistant materials like steel, aluminum, and marble are sustainable and reduce the risk of ecological scarcity.

Bathroom Shaft

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The plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical engineering are factory-installed, quality guaranteed, and ready to ship. The low-flow faucets, fixtures, and water management and energy-efficiency equipment are built-in to the shaft.

The stainless steel structure and polished cover do not rust, and the magnetic panel provides access to the plumbing manifold, flood sensors, and utilities. The polished stainless steel surfaces and built-in wall-mounted toilets and bidets are easy to clean, reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

Marble Shower

Double Shower Tray with Bathtub Option

The double shower tray is made of two factory-installed marble plates. The bottom plate rapidly collects and drains the water. The bathtub connections are factory installed and included to allow for the addition of a tub at any time without any construction waste.

marble bathtub 01

The top shower plate has linear slats that maintain a minimalistic design. The glass shower wall opens the shower to natural light and saves space.

Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 500 mm
Plumbing: Dornbracht
Finishings: Travertine / Bianco Carrara
Water displacement: 600 L


Timeless Marble Vanity

The marble vanity displays artistry and functionality. The double wall-mounted faucets connect directly to the bathroom shaft, and the plumbing and electricity quickly and seamlessly connect without a trace. The built-in sink supports a movable platform, and the functional cabinets and drawers make it easy to organize and store essentials.The custom vanity channels water, electricity, and drainage through one hidden access point, connecting directly into the bathroom shaft.

Transparent Wall

The open concept design spreads natural light, and the transparent glass wall saves space.

Save Space with the thin, transparent glass wall.

switchable glass 01

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