Multifunctional System Integration Point

The door incorporates structural ingenuity, ventilation, electrical communications, and automation solutions in one place to maximize living space and provide real-life, sustainable solutions that transform the way houses are engineered, built, and maintained.

Door Ventilation

Unified HVAC and Structural Ventilation Duct

The multifunctional door, AK Airplex, and mechanical room function as one ventilation ecosystem without taking up ceiling space.

Traditional House

Cluttered designs fill the ceiling with engineering systems, ventilation ducts, ceiling fan coils, ceiling diffusers, and grilles. The drywall ceiling fan coil access panels often need repair.  Valuable ceiling space is lost to the engineering systems, ventilation ducts, ceiling fan coils, and kitchen hood which take up about 500 mm.

Akchurin House

The ultra-thin, energy-efficient ceiling light is only 50 mm and is free from grills, diffusers, holes and light fixtures. The door, AK Airplex, and mechanical room function as one ventilation ecosystem without taking up ceiling space.

Dare to rethink everything you know about doors, load-bearing walls, and airflow. The focal point of this leading-edge innovation is our multifunctional door, and it begins with the steel door ventilation beams which support the walls, in contrast to the walls supporting the door.

The durable, stainless steel core of the door is structurally rigid, non-corrosive, and nonporous. It serves as the supporting structure for the walls and door panels, and the hollow shaft inside the beam is an air duct for ventilation.

door ventilation 03

Door Automation

Convergent Automation System

The advanced automation system monitors, integrates, and controls the HVAC, lighting, energy-efficiency, water consumption, and other engineering ecosystems.

Traditional House

Inconvenient and mismatched smart devices use different systems, designs, and brands that do not match and are often difficult to set up. 

Outdated designs require switches, outlets, lamps, wiring, and plugs that clutter rooms and collect dust. Outlets haven’t changed much since their invention in 1904. 

Almost all outlets and switches are plastic, and plastic pollution is a significant environmental threat to our planet.

Akchurin House

The convenient and simple multifunctional door houses the ventilation, automation systems, and smart home ecosystem.

This minimalist technology has built-in outlets, switches, a wireless charger, solenoid locks, an air temperature sensor, an audio system, USB-C connectors, and a Wi-Fi repeater. Ecological door materials help reduce the risks to the environment.

The polished aluminum plate covers the inner workings of the door and is also a magnetic, wireless charger. When the door casing is removed the door automation layer is fully accessible.

Problem Solution

Automation access   

Removable casing

Door Casing

Magnetic Charging Station and Removable Cover

The eye-catching door casing is removable for easy access to the other layers of the door and creates the illusion of simplicity.  The casing conceals all of the automation devices and eliminates cords.

The matte or polished stainless steel door casing can also be used as a wireless, magnetic charging station for mobile devices.

door frame 02

Door Panel

High-performance Eco-Friendly Honeycomb Door

The honeycomb door panel uses modern technology to produce eco-friendly door panels from natural marble or wood. The sustainable panels conserve natural resources while the high-performance composite honeycomb core delivers noise cancelation, heat resistance, and lightweight efficiency.

door pabel 01

The tubular door latch and deadbolt have a matte or polished stainless steel finish to match the hinges.

The strike plate does not need a lip because the door latches with magnetic technology to permit the recessed latch to close more quietly than conventional doors that touch the plate when closing. The solenoid door locks allow you to monitor and control all entries by locking and unlocking them remotely.

The concealed hinges come in matte or polished stainless steel and open at a 180 degree angle, which guards against pinching or damage during use. An added safety feature is resistance to forced entry since there is no hinge pin.

door hinges

Door handles are provided in matte or polished stainless steel.

Door handle plates are also customizable in natural wood, vegan leather, marble, or crystal.

Magnetic Tablet Holder

Access Point for the Automation System

The magnetic tablet holder doesn’t cover the original design of the tablet and connects any tablet directly to the door and USB-C.


The entire home automation system can be controlled from anywhere. It only takes a few seconds to take the tablet from the door.

The aluminum holder has a universal design that adjusts to any size tablet and perfectly aligns with the edge of the door frame. It can be ordered any time and installed in minutes.

Problem Solution

Tablet holder

With tablet

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