Living Room

Glass curtain walls bring natural light into the living room and showcase a beautiful view.


The energy-efficient, healthy light technology seamlessly covers the ceiling without holes or light fixtures. The ultra-thin ceiling light fully illuminates every corner and eliminates shadows.

The circadian photobiology light system synchronizes with the natural light to deliver unsurpassed comfort for the human body and eyes.

aurora sky ceiling 01

Straight Staircase

The customizable, BIM engineered staircase is factory-built, quality-tested, and ready to assemble.

The anchor-lock system connects and supports the staircase. Fast installation technology saves time.

Custom Flooring System

Raised access flooring provides easy access to engineering systems, and no grout panels are low-maintenance and easy-to-clean.

The hybrid floor panels are custom-manufactured to meet individual needs.

custom floor system

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