Timeless kitchen designs, lifetime natural materials, green innovations, and smart home technology offer a better, sustainable life.

Energy-efficient technology and energy-saving water ecosystems dramatically reduce energy and water consumption.

Energy-efficient, built-to-last appliances increase sustainability and support climate-resilient green growth. Energy Star appliances reduce energy and water consumption, and stainless steel doors and front controls will not tarnish or corrode.

Kitchen Island

The sleek and multifunctional island features a monolith marble surface available in different finishes and compositions. Natural materials and designs made of marble and natural stone stand the test of time.

The intuitive custom island is generously filled with storage space. The invisible exhaust hood is entirely silent as the energy-efficient fan is installed in the mechanical room.  

Clean Air HVAC Ecosystem

The innovative air purification system and bottom-up air exchange technology ensure high-quality clean air.

The HVAC ecosystem unifies the doors, AK Airplex, and mechanical room as one ventilation ecosystem without using ceiling space. 

Traditional House

Cluttering the ceiling, traditional engineering systems, ventilation ducts, ceiling fan coils, diffusers, and grilles take up about 500 mm of space, and the drywall ceiling fan coil access panels often need repair.

Akchurin House

The ultra-thin, energy-efficient light is only 50 mm and is free from grills, diffusers, holes, and light fixtures. The door, AK Airplex, and mechanical room function as one clean air ecosystem leaving the ceiling space flawless.


The energy-efficient, healthy light technology is seamless, without light fixtures.

The circadian photobiology system synchronizes with natural light to deliver unsurpassed comfort for the human body and eyes.

aurora sky ceiling 01

Traditional House

Heavy designs with cluttered light fixtures, wall sconces, and floor lamps are needed to light rooms and eliminate dark spots. Outdated technology influences how people use light fixtures, and not much has changed since Edison’s 1879 invention.

Akchurin House

The ultra-thin ceiling light is energy-efficient and seamless without holes or light fixtures. The next generation light fully illuminates every corner and eliminates shadows.

Smart Home Unit

Master Control Center for the Electrical and Automation Systems

The green energy power source connects directly to the smart home unit, the house’s brain. This unit integrates the electrical panel, equipment, and automation system into one system.

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