Master Bedroom

The mesmerizing views, natural light, and unique elements of this room make it the perfect private sanctuary.

Soothing layouts create a flow of energy from the walk-through closet into the ensuite bathroom. 

Sleeping Area

No boundaries, from the bedroom to the ensuite, maintains a spacious feeling.

Natural materials used for the finishings are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.


The multifunctional door technology is easy to use.

The door houses the ventilation and automation systems. All smart home devices are integrated into one ecosystem and controlled by a tablet.

Traditional House

Inconvenient and mismatched smart devices use different systems, designs, and brands that do not match and are often difficult to set up. 

Outdated designs require switches, outlets, lamps, wiring, and plugs that clutter rooms and collect dust. Outlets haven’t changed much since their invention in 1904. 

Almost all outlets and switches are plastic, and plastic pollution is one of the most significant environmental threats to our planet.

Akchurin House

The convenient and simple door houses the ventilation, automation systems, and smart home ecosystem.

This convergent technology has built-in security alert system, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, retractable outlets, switches, a wireless charger, solenoid locks, an air temperature sensor, an audio system, USB-C connectors, and a Wi-Fi repeater. The ecological door materials help reduce the risks to the environment.

The polished aluminum plate covers the door's inner workings and is also a magnetic, wireless charger. When the door casing is removed, the door automation layer is fully accessible.

Problem Solution

Eco-friendly door materials such as steel, aluminum, natural stone, and bamboo help protect the environment.

Sitting Area

Relax in the roomy and comfortable bedroom sitting area.

Natural elements and functional spaces create a convenient and private escape.


The dramatic elegance of the smooth marble surface captures time.

The wall-mounted vanity displays artistry and functionality. The double wall-mounted faucets connect directly to the bathroom shaft, and the plumbing and electricity quickly and seamlessly connect without a trace. The built-in sink supports a movable platform, and the functional cabinets and drawers make it easy to organize and store essentials.

The custom vanity channels water, electricity, and drainage through one hidden access point, connecting directly into the bathroom shaft.

Ensuite Double Bathroom

The spacious ensuite is customizable as one double bathroom or two his and her bathrooms with two separate toilet rooms.

The double shower is made of two factory-installed marble trays. The bottom plate rapidly collects and drains the water, and the top plate has linear slats that maintain a minimalistic design. 

An optional glass wall can divide the double shower into two separate showers.

Hot Tub

The hot tub, all engineering systems, equipment, and faucets are factory-installed inside the floor unit, quality tested, and ready on delivery.

Quality tested and guaranteed. Customize in Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina, Travertine, or Polished stainless steel.

hot tub 01

Spacious Wardrobe

The walk-through closet features floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes.

Natural elements, lighting, colours, and textures are pleasing to our senses and energize our lives. The panoramic bedroom offers boundless access to nature.

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