An appealing bedroom calms the spirit and energizes the body.

Natural elements, lighting, and design enhance human wellbeing, and sustainable materials reduce ecological scarcity.

Ensuite Bathroom

The spacious private bathroom is accessible right from the bedroom.

The ensuite bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower has a freestanding custom designed vanity that stretches the length of the room. The lifelong marble and polished aluminum furnishings are resistant to humidity and etched in time.

Bathroom Shaft

The bathroom shaft is factory-built and quality guaranteed. All of the plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical engineering are installed and ready to ship. The low-flow faucets, fixtures, and water management and energy-efficiency equipment are built-in to the shaft.

The stainless steel structure and polished cover do not rust, and the magnetic panel provides access to the plumbing manifold, flood sensors, and utilities.

The polished stainless steel surfaces and built-in wall-mounted toilets and bidets are easy to clean, reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

Marble Bathtub

Innovative Installation Design

Technology has unleashed the power to sculpt marble with flawless proportions. A marble bathtub transcends functionality and merges with art. 

marble bathtub 01

The marble bathtub connects to the existing shower tray and can be ordered and mounted at any time.  Flexible and fast installation takes less than one hour to complete.

Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 500 mm
Plumbing: Dornbracht
Finishings: Travertine / Bianco Carrara
Water displacement: 600 L

Bathtub Shower


Natural stone stands the test of time. The bespoke vanity is made of marble and aluminum to last for years to come.

The uniquely crafted vanity is specifically designed to connect directly to the plumbing in the bathroom shaft, which provides complete accessibility.

Switchable Smart Glass

Automated Privacy Wall

Switchable glass makes privacy effortless by going from clear to opaque with a voice command. The smart glass can be controlled without having to get out of bed, a true luxury for any bedroom.

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